What Is BODY CLARITY Small Group Fitness?

Body Clarity Small Group Fitness is a female-only, bespoke outdoor fitness system that is tailored for you to achieve the results you want.

Body Clarity understands that no two bodies are alike, so we won’t waste your time with irrelevant fitness programs; instead we concentrate on what will work for your body, getting you the results you want faster and more effectively. No matter your age, schedule or lifestyle, Body Clarity help you achieve your body-goals with specialised fitness classes.

The best part about Body Clarity Small Group Fitness? The vast variety of classes, which are designed to keep your body, as well as your mind stimulated and working at their optimum.

Each session is capped at 12 women, ensuring that you receive the full focus and attention of our dedicated and highly experienced female trainers in a small group personal training setting. This is not a large scale bootcamp!

Do I need to be fit to come?

Please don’t worry about being able to keep up, we work with all levels of fitness and design our sessions to allow people to go at their own place.

If you’re particularly worried though, have a chat to your friendly trainer before class and they can help to make sure you feel at ease during the class.

I’m really very fit already, will I be challenged?

Yes you will! Our experience trainers have designed programs for the ladies that are new to fitness and for the ladies that like to be pushed to their limit. Don’t worry, your trainer will ensure you have a great workout.

What kind of Classes do you run?

The vast variety of classes are all specially designed for women – we promise toned lean muscles and no bulk! We promise increased cardio fitness and stamina and we promise increased happiness in your daily life!

Our Classes include;

BodyScuplt – We know women’s vulnerable-areas! Our BodySculpt classes target your bum, thighs, arms and abs with toning and conditioning exercises, focusing on the smaller muscle groups to sculpt and tone your body in those difficult to manage zones. Using dumbbells, resistance bands, toning balls and Pilates rings, you’ll tone up in no time! Class duration:45 Minutes.

BodyHiit – Work out hard and fast with our BodyHiit high intensity sessions. With a combination of challenging interval, plyometric and circuit training, you’ll see maximum results in a limited time! Class duration: 45 Minutes.

BodyClassic – Our full BodyClassic classes concentrate on functional training that will give you overall improved cardio fitness, endurance and strength. BodyClassic is suitable for all from beginners to advanced and using equipment including dumbbells, weighted medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands. Class duration: 45 Minutes.

BodyBoxer - Fight is out! Pack a punch with our BodyBoxer class. Using boxing and skipping techniques, this class will increase your cardio fitness, blast those calories and increase stamina. Class duration: 45 minutes.

BodyPre/ Post Natal - Are you about to be a new mum or have just h ad a baby and ready to get back into those skinny jeans? Our BodyPre/ Post Natal classes are designed with your safety considered first with correct programming for pre and post-natal clients. Bring your bump or baby along for a fun workout together. Class duration: 45 minutes.

Body50′s - Our Body50′s classes are specially designed for women over 50 taking into consideration the right movements for you. Our Body50′s classes concentrate on the whole body, improving your cardio fitness, flexibility and overall strength. Work out with women your age. Equipment you’ll use is dumbbells, resistance bands and medicine balls. Class duration: 45 minutes.

How many are in the class?

Each session is capped at 12 women, ensuring that you receive the full focus and attention of our dedicated and highly experienced female trainers in a small group personal training setting.

How long is each class?

Each class runs for 45 minutes, with a cool down and a chance to catch up on the gossip with your trainer and other class attendees for approximately 5 minutes at the end.

Out of consideration for the trainer and other clients, please arrive on time, so you don’t miss out on maximizing your class session.

What happens if it rains?

All classes run rain hail or shine all year round. Please view location to find your wet weather alternative location if it rains. In the rare occasion a class needs to be cancelled, your trainer will be in contact with you via email or SMS. Please ensure your account details are up-to-date so we can contact you. Go to my account.

What if I have an injury or other issue that stops me doing some exercises?

Depending on the injury or issues it’s in most cases fine. We can modify and adjust exercises to accommodate bad backs, ankles, wrists and knees. Just be sure to advise your trainer prior to your session of any injuries. All injuries will also need to be detailed on the wavier form.

What happens if I miss a class?

Please refer to our cancellation policy.

Cancellations/rescheduling classes will need to be made more than 9 hours prior to your class beginning. Here at Body Clarity we understand sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, i.e becoming unwell, family and work commitments, but if you have not cancelled your class outside of the 9 hour time frame, you will loose your session. We have to be strict, fair and consistent with all clients across all locations, therefore NO exceptions will be made.

What time do your classes run?

You can see all class times at our timetable here.

Please be aware classes are on a first come first serve basis. To avoid disappointment, please book classes in advance via our online booking system.

How do I know where I meet the class?

If you click the any of the class names on the timetable you’ll see a link to a map and directions which can also be found here:

What should I bring with me and what should I wear?

A towel, yoga matt (that you do not mind getting a bit dirty) and a water bottle. Wear appropriate work out gear that you’re comfortable in and athletic shoes.

What does it cost and how do I pay?

Please go to our online booking system for all information on class costs and how to pay.

What is the payment and cancellation policy?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information on payments and cancellations.

How old do I need to be to join a class?

We welcome all females 16+ to come to a class, if you are under the age of 18 a signed consent form is required from your guardian.

Do you include nutritional support?

Classes are designed to focus on your overall fitness, training is only part of the solution. Understanding what you eat and what is and isn’t working for you is equally important. For guidance and support on nutrition, Body Clarity offers health coaching services. See here for more information about Health Coaching and how Body Clarity can help you.

What if I’d like more personalised one-on-one training?

All trainers offer one-on-one Personal Training. Please chat directly to your trainer for all Personal Inquires.

Want to know more about us?

You can find out more about Body Clarity here

Can you tell me more about your Pre/ Post Natal Classes?

Our BodyPre/Post Natal classes are designed to be safe for pregnancy/ post and its associated conditions, including pelvic girdle pain (pelvic instability) and gestational diabetes. Our classes allow you to control the intensity you work at meaning you are able to target your fitness level.

Why should I exercise when pregnant?

  • Improved energy levels and sense of well being
  • Decreased aches and pains
  • Improved ‘fitness’ for the physical demands of labour
  • Faster post natal recovery
  • Higher self esteem

What do I need to think about when exercising when pregnant?

  • Avoid raising your body temperature too high. You don’ t want to be sweating too much and in warm weather scale back the intensity of your exercise.
  • You can push yourself during some forms of exercise but don’t exercise to the point of exhaustion.
  • When doing strength/weight training, choose a lower weight that usual and aim to keep your repetitions higher than usual (15-20 reps).
  • If you are feeling ill or too run down on a particular day, let your body rest and skip your scheduled workout, or complete it later that day when your feeling better.
  • Make sure to listen to your body! If you are feeling low on energy and don’t feel like exercising that day, have a rest day
  • If you were already exercising before you were pregnant , that’s great, but don’t increase the intensity of your current training regime. While you are pregnant, you should try and keep your intensity no higher than 75% of your maximum.
  • If you are ever unsure about a certain exercise or your current training program ask your trainer and speak with your doctor or midwife before continuing your exercise.

When can I start exercising after I have my baby?

Our BodyPre/Post Natal classes are designed to help you return to your pre-pregnancy fitness and get back into shape. Generally, most new mothers can commence exercise 6-12 weeks post-birth, however we always recommend you check with your doctor before commencing any exercise program. We are required to have clearance from your doctor prior to taking part in the classes.

Can I bring my baby to the classes?

Yes! You are more than welcome to bring your baby with you. Whilst we will do our best to incorporate your baby during the fitness classes, it is your responsibility to look after your baby when needed without disruption to the class.


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