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Body Clarity Small Fitness Classes have been specially designed by our trainers to keep your body, as well as your mind stimulated and working at their optimum.

Our variety of classes include;

BodyScuplt – We know women’s vulnerable-areas! Our BodySculpt classes target your bum, thighs, arms and abs with toning and conditioning exercises, focusing on the smaller muscle groups to sculpt and tone your body in those difficult to manage zones. Using dumbbells, resistance bands, toning balls, you’ll tone up in no time! Class duration: 45 Minutes.

BodyHiit– Work out hard and fast with our BodyHiit 45 minute high intensity sessions. With a combination of challenging interval, plyometric and circuit training, you’ll see maximum results in a limited time! Class duration: 45 Minutes.

BodyClassic – Our full body BodyClassic classes concentrate on functional training that will give you overall improved cardio fitness, endurance and strength. BodyClassic is suitable for all from beginners to advanced and using equipment including dumbbells, weighted medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands. Class duration: 45 Minutes.

BodyBoxer - Fight is out! Pack a punch with our BodyBoxer class. Using boxing and skipping techniques, this class will increase your cardio fitness, blast those calories and increase stamina. Class duration: 45 minutes.

SummerShred – Get stronger, fitter and sexier with our Summer Shred class! With a combination of challenging interval, plyometric and circuit training, you’ll see maximum results in a limited time! Class duration: 45 Minutes.

BodyPilates – Our new Mat Pilates Class incorporates a series of exercises designed to engage and strengthen your core and lower back muscles, improving posture and encouraging your body to work in the correct alignment. Perfect for those summer abs! Class Duration: 45 Minutes.

BodyPre/ Post Natal - Are you about to be a new mum or have just had a baby and ready to get back into those skinny jeans? Our BodyPre/ Post Natal classes are designed with your safety considered first with correct programming for pre and post-natal clients. Bring your bump or baby along for a fun workout together. Class duration: 45 minutes.

BodyPilates – Welcome to cardio Pilates with bounce! Classical Mat Pilates combined with a combination of continuous low impact cardio, interspersed with high energy intervals to lift your heart rate, boost your metabolism and shed fat. 45 mins

BodyFusion – We have combined our BodyBoxer and BodyHIIT Classes to give you an incredible workout. 20 minutes of boxing followed by minutes of HIIT, this class increases cardio fitness, strength, stamina and you’ll walk away feeling amazing! 45 mins

Coming Soon – 50′sFIT – Our Body50′s classes are specially designed for women over 50 taking into consideration the right movements for you. Our Body50′s classes concentrate on the whole body, improving your cardio fitness, flexibility and overall strength. Work out with women your age. Equipment you’ll use is dumbbells, resistance bands and medicine balls. Class duration: 45 minutes.

We can’t wait to help you get fit, healthy and happy.

$30 unlimited classes* for 7 days!

Get started and come check us out! $30 unlimited classes* for 7 days!
Our intro offer is the best way for you to try out try as many classes as you like for the first 7 days, chat to our trainers, make some new friends and have some fun!

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