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Personal trainers and friends Kirsty & Jacinta met through their love of fitness.

Having each left their spots on the corporate ladder to pursue a passion for health and fitness, both certified with a Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Kirsty and Jacinta both now work in fitness full-time. After finding their separate clients all shared similar frustrations – that they were bulking up rather than toning down on past exercise programs – they decided to design a fitness system catering specifically to the female form.

With extensive experience in training women of all ages, and seeing incredible results in the process, Kirsty and Jacinta are determined to help even more women with their dynamic, fun, challenging and results-driven female-focused training programs.

Combining their knowledge and experiences of changing their client’s bodies with tailored training and correct nutrition, Jacinta and Kirsty can’t wait to help you become the best version of YOU!

Your Trainers
Your Trainers


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