Master Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Master Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini is one of those people who instantly lights up a room as soon as the walk into it. Her positive energy is electric and she truly glows inside and out.
Melissa is known for her inspirational live events, books, booming online community, her weekly Goddess Groups and empowering key note talks. Her mission is to inspire women across the globe to create a heart-centered life that’s widely wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love. She is the author of ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’ and in her book, Melissa, teaches women how to master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs and ditch the self-doubt so they they can start truly living the life of their dreams… WOW! Enjoy our truly inspiriting chat.

Me – Congratulations on the launch of your new book! Tell us the inside goss about ‘Mastering Your Mean Girl’. What’s this book about?

Mel - Mastering Your Mean Girl is the no BS guide to becoming wildly wealthy, fabulously health and bursting with love. It’s the book every female needs to read in order to live their best life ;) No matter what age you are you will gain so much from Mastering Your Mean Girl.

Master Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Me – You have been named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine. Where did your journey start and how did you get to where you are now?

Mel - In one sense, I’ve always been on this journey! But to get specific, the journey towards consciously living the life of my dreams started in 2010 when I hit rock bottom and ended up in hospital. I’d been burning the candle at both ends and had no idea how to nourish my body. On top of that, I’d surrounded myself with toxic relationships, I was doing work I didn’t enjoy, I was depressed, I wasn’t sleeping, and I partied my pants off to numb the void within myself. Ending up in hospital was the catalyst I needed to change everything. I go into this part of my journey in depth in the book, but let’s just say that it was the darkest and hardest thing I had ever been through. Luckily though, despite how tough it was, there was a tiny (like, microscopic) glimmer of hope deep within. So I followed that! From there, I dove head-first into spirituality and the self development world. I read every book I could get my hands on, learned from the best teachers, become a qualified holistic health and life coach, and learnt how to meditate, perform AcuEnergetics and did my yoga teacher training. But none of that really matters compared to the serious Mean Girl mastering I had to do. That’s where the real work began. From there, I started sharing my thoughts on my blog. I began coaching women and it’s all just snowballed from there. It’s been a daily practice of mastering my Mean Girl in every moment to be where I am today, and I am so grateful to still be on my journey.

Me – What’s your current food obsession?

Mel - These days I have learned how to master my Mean Girl and not obsess over food, which is the approach I teach. However, there are some things I do really enjoy, like my husband’s organic slow-cooked lamb shoulder or anything with broccoli in it… broccoli is my favourite food on the planet.

Me – How do we find ‘Self Love?’ As women we can be so hard on ourselves! From the way we look, how much money we are making, what we are wearing, are we married/ not, can we have babies… and all of this self negativity can be really hard on us!

Mel - To find self-love you must learn how to master your Mean Girl. That is key to becoming bursting with love.

Master Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Me – What is your advice and top strategies that we can employ to turn that negativity into self love and positivity?

Mel - I have a quick 3 step Mastering Your Mean Girl process which goes like this…

  • Practice awareness. Become aware of when your Mean Girl pops up and tells you that you’re not good enough, thin enough, whatever enough. Most times we are so unconscious and not present that we aren’t even aware of her internal dialogue, so bringing your awareness to her words is the first step.
  • Gently close the door on her. Once you are aware that she has popped up, you can now choose to gently close the door on her. It’s not about fighting her, or waging an inner battle — that’ll just cause more pain and suffering. Instead, it’s a gentle, grateful act that comes from a place of love.
  • Choose love instead. Once you have gently closed the door on her, choose to come back to your heart and choose love instead of fear. It’s so much more fulfilling when you do.

Master Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Me – How do you overcome setbacks?

Mel - In my eyes, nothing is a setback. Everything is a lesson and an opportunity to pivot and grow. Every time I ‘fail’ (so to speak) I get up, ask myself ‘What is the lesson in this?’ and then I pivot — quickly.. I no longer let my Mean Girl beat me up when I fall down.

Me – What’s your top tip for ‘happiness’?

Mel - Learn how to master your Mean Girl and you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams ;)

Me – What’s one rule that you live by?
I’m not sure it’s a rule, but I have the intention to do everything with love or I don’t do it at all.

Mel - Where will Melissa be in ten years?
Ten years is a very long time away! My intention is to continue to live every day from a place of love with my husband and my little man by my side.

Me – What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in your career?

Mel - That authenticity is key!

Master Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Me – How do you find ‘clarity’ in this amazing, crazy world?

Mel - I am most clear when I have meditated and am living from a place of love. I do that by mastering my Mean Girl.

Me – Who inspires you?

Mel - I feel inspired by many different things — my husband, my soul sisters, a beautiful piece of music, Mother Nature, my parents, even from a random conversation with someone at the post office! Inspiration is everywhere — all you have to do is open your eyes to it.

Thank you so very much for this inspiring and uplifting chat Mel!
x Kirsty

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