Roxy’s World – A Look Inside

Roxy’s World – A Look Inside

You know the modern adage “You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce”? Well, no offence to Queen Bey, but I reckon that saying could seriously almost better be applied to Roxy Jacenko.

A powerhouse PR and talent manager, super mum, whip-smart entrepreneur, oh, and owner of the best non-brassy blonde I’ve seen – Roxy Jacenko is killing it and then some.

At just 24, Roxy started the super successful Sweaty Betty PR in 2004, and has since founded The Ministry of Talent which boasts a huge portfolio of clients. Also a mother of two, Roxy is a true inspiration and one of the hardest working people ii’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I grabbed her between Instagram posts and back-to-back meetings to find out how she created her world.


+ What is your number one top tip to starting/running your own successful business?

My top tip would be to follow your gut instinct – don’t listen to the naysayers who will try and point out flaws or discourage you. If you have a dream, vision or idea just go with it!

+ You’re always on the go. Do you have a quick freshen-up-and-feel-fabulous tip when you’re racing between meetings?

As I never know what each week will hold, I always ensure I get a weekly spray tan, blow-dry and mani&pedi. That really helps to ensure I feel polished at all times! But if I do need to freshen up I find a quick sweep of Nude by Nature Pressed Mineral Bronzer is the quickest way to lift my makeup look and see me through the day. I also love Glam by Manicare false lashes in Miranda – the perfect way to achieve the ultimate glam look in seconds.

+ How do you keep your energy levels up throughout the day?

I don’t really think about it, I just keep going to be honest. I enjoy a skim mocha every morning, always try and squeeze in lunch and occasionally indulge in a few cheeky chocolate coated sultanas or liquorice for a sugar kick if I’m working late at night in the office.

+ Working long hours on top of being a mum, what are your tips for staying healthy with such a grueling schedule?

With my hectic schedule and young family I just can’t squeeze in formal exercise anymore – however, I really value the importance of a healthy diet. I eat sushi pretty much everyday! Honestly though, when it comes to health and wellbeing I’m probably not the best role model! I tend to prioritise work and my family over my own health.

+ What are your top 3 beauty tips?

  • Be regimented with your skin care routine – be sure to cleanse and moisturise every day. I love DrLewinn’s cleansing milk which leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean without drying it out. I then follow with DrLewinn’s Luminosity Day/Night Cream which is my go-to for keeping my skin looking its best.
  • Keep you makeup look simple and in neutral tones – it’s easier to take from day to night, easier to master and always looks chic.
  • Drink loads of water – I always notice it in my complexion if I haven’t had a enough water that day.

+ What’s always in your gym bag?

As I said before, unfortunately I don’t get to the gym often these days. But if I do, I have a few go-to products I always have in my bag; a compact Tangle Teezer brush to make short-work of any knots, Klorane Dry Shampoo which is the ultimate, quick hair refresher and Lucas Paw Paw ointment which is a must have to avoid dry lips.

Thank you so much for the great chat Roxy!

x Kirsty

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