Super Luxe But Natural – Meet This Incredible Beauty Brand

Super Luxe But Natural – Meet This Incredible Beauty Brand

Have you ever heard of a range of products so indulgent and luxe but 100% natural?

Meet the lovely ladies, Kate and Anna from Cedar + Stone. An innovative 100% natural skin care company that captures the very best of nature to make you look and feel good.

Their story is the perfect tale of two friends – Kate, having previously studied natural therapies, loved making skincare products for herself and her family and Anna, coming from a retail background always wanted to start her own business.

The ladies combined their passions and previous experience to create Cedar + Stone in 2014.

Over a golden turmeric latte we chat about their inspirations, DYI beauty tips and what makes them unique in the beauty market.

+ What was the inspiration behind Cedar + Stone?

Anna: We wanted to bring a skincare brand into the market that was completely natural. We didn’t like walking into an organic store or shop and seeing items on the shelf claiming to be natural, when really they weren’t. That’s where Cedar + Stone was born, haven’t looked back since.

+ You have both always embraced natural beauty remedies and products. Where and how did this journey begin for you both?

Kate: I studied natural therapies about 7 years ago and since then have used my studies in my every day life…food, children, skincare.

Anna: I have worked in retail since my first job and gradually progressed into a content/buying role at a big retailer. I worked closely with brands and really enjoyed seeing the inspiration and work that went into creating a brand. I called Kate up one morning and we meshed ideas, cedar + stone was born that day!

+ What is your number one beauty tip?

Kate: Drink water. The most important piece of advice anyone will tell you.

+ Can you share with us your favourite natural beauty recipe that we can DIY at home?

Anna: Coconut oil, egg white and olive oil hair mask, I cannot preach this enough! It has completely restored my hair (if you’re vegan, take out the egg white and use some avocado)

+ Tell us about the Cedar + Stone range and what makes your range stand out from other products?

Anna: It is 100% Natural. No naturally derived ingredients, no chemicals, just pure ingredients straight from the earth. Before it was packaged in the bottles, it was growing from the ground or on a tree!


Made with over 90% organic and 100% natural ingredients, Cedar + Stone offers a range of bath salts, body oils, face serums, face masks and cleansing bars that are effective, gentle and smell incredible.

+ Does your whole/ natural philosophy also extend to your everyday life and plate? What is your food mantra?

Kate: I’ve been a vegetarian on and off for ever but exclusively now for about 4 or 5 years. I eat organic whenever possible – my kids think I’m a bit full on about it “why can’t you just be a normal food mum”..but I’m sure they will thank me one day.

Anna: I try my best to eat everything fresh and nothing packaged. Although I’d be lying if I said I was super strict on myself, I love wine and a good cheese platter. Wine is still a fruit though, so really it’s ok… right?

Ha ha – it’s always nice to enjoy a good drop of red wine

Thanks for the chat ladies, I am addicted to your products and cannot wait to try that hair mask!

To find out more about Cedar + Stone head to

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