We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell

We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell

Have you ever met a girl who is pretty, smart and funny and you sort of want to hate them, but then they turn out to be totally lovely so you can’t? Well, I have and now you can too. Meet, the lovely Leigh Campbell.

Prior to her current post as Lifestyle Editor of HuffPost Australia, Leigh was the Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan for eight years and combines a ‘go get em’ attitude to life with to-die-for eyebrows all wrapped up in a large bow of infectious energy.
We grilled Leigh for her insights on exercise, wedding prep advice, biggest beauty tips and how she balances her life.

Enjoy! x

Tell us about your role at The Huffington Post. What is a typical day for you as the Lifestyle Editor?
I’ve been in my role as lifestyle editor at The Huffington Post Australia for about four months now and the site in nearly three months old. Working on the launch of such a well respected and recognised brand has been so rewarding. My days at Huff Post are a lot more regular than in my previous gig (Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan). The pace of online journalism is so much faster than print media, so I can’t afford as much time out of the office. I get to work around 8.30am and catch up on what’s been happening that morning (the Australian office starts at 5am and someone from my lifestyle team starts at 7am). From there it’s a mix of writing stories, meeting with contacts in the lifestyle industry, and attending functions.

We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell
Part of your job is going to events. What are your top tips for getting ready quickly?
I’ve always dreamed of being one of those people who can grab a blazer and swipe on a bright lippie and look smart at a minute’s notice. Sadly I think it’s Hollywood’s fault for giving women the misconception that it’s that easy. If I have an event after work, which is often the case, I’ll first spritz my face with Ella Bache Brume Antioxydante C Mist as it makes my complexion come alive again after 10 hours in air conditioning. Then I’ll re-apply some under eye concealer and brush my hair. That’s about it. I also spritz on a fragrance top-up, though the guy I sit next to doesn’t appreciate it all that much.

We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell
How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle when your schedule is packed with functions/lunches/dinners?
You just have to exercise discipline. There is a term that was coined ‘the beauty editor bloat’, which refers to a journo starting out who inevitably gains an average of 5 kilos from all the tiny, calorie packed canapes at functions. After a few months you learn to say no. I’m a vegetarian so there is never sufficient food at functions for me, anyway.

What is a typical day on a plate like for you?
When I am being good (I’m trying veeeery hard to be good right now) I’ll have a shake for breakfast (which is made from macadamia nut milk, banana, frozen berries, The Beauty Chef Protein, Cleanse and Glow).

I’ll have a boiled egg about 10.30 am in place of coffee, as I gave up about a month ago because stimulants make me break out.

Lunch is about 12.30, which currently is a frozen meal from Dietlicious (because I don’t have to leave the office and food courts make me flustered so I always make a bad choice).

Afternoons is when I fault off the wagon terribly and the wagon runs me over and leaves me for dead. We’re lucky enough to be sent so many sugary treats at Huff Post, so it’s cake and chocolate, or else avocado and vegemite on Cruskits.

Dinner is always a fail. Sometimes it’s diced avocado, tomato and feta. Sometimes it’s a whole frozen pizza. Dinner is something I really need to learn to master.

What is your favourite way to train/workout? Which types of workouts/training have given you the best results? Why do you think this is so?
I discovered reformer Pilates about six months ago and it’s by far the best exercise I’ve done. I love it because I don’t need sneakers, and I am laying down as soon as I get there which tricks my brain into thinking we’re back in bed. it’s really hard but really fun, and when I’m being disciplined with my diet, I see changes in as little as two weeks.

You recently got married and looked incredible, congratulations! Did you change up your training and diet in the lead up to your wedding?
I did the exact opposite of every other bride in the whole world and completely gave up training five weeks before my wedding. Why? I don’t know. There’s probably a deep seeded reason why, as I tend to quit everything right before the end (school, my roller skating career) but let’s not get into it. Diet wise I kept eating as normal because everyone said the weight would “just fall off” due to the stress, but that’s a cruel lie. I panicked and starved myself the two days prior, then ate half a potato the whole wedding day and subsequently ended up very intoxicated. I do not at all recommend or condone this approach.

We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell
We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell1
What are your top tips for brides in the lead up to their wedding?
Do the opposite of what I did. Don’t go extreme, but be sensible and healthy a few months out. Absolutely have a course of Omnilux for your complexion, have your hair coloured the week before, and get Shellac on fingers and toes.

There seems to be a new diet or exercise fad popping up every week!
- Do you like trying new things/jumping on a bandwagon with health and fitness?
- Is there anything new you have tried and loved?
I like to try the odd fitness ‘fad’ here and there, if it appeals to me. I tried and loved aerial yoga, and am obsessed with going to Sky Zone, the trampoline park. Basically if it’s fun and I don’t realise I’m exercising while I’m doing it, I’ll try it.

What gives you clarity in your busy lifestyle? How do you find balance? How do you make relax-and-unwind-time a priority?

We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell
We Take 5 with the beautiful Leigh Campbell
I’m terrible at balance. One week I feel like I’ve mastered it, the next I feel like I’m a terrible daughter/friend/wife for working too much. I’m very bad at putting my phone down and that makes my husband angry, and I get it, so I’m trying to be better. We do a crossword in bed each night which is very funny but also helps us wind down. Spending time with animals makes me very calm and makes my heart sing. Other than that I’m just like everyone else — trying to work it out and living life while I do.

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