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Are you…

  • Looking to increase your fitness?
  • Wanting to get lean and tone up?
  • Struggling to find fitness motivation?
  • Wanting to lose weight?
  • Struggling to find a fitness regime that you enjoy?
  • Not a fan of big gyms or group fitness classes?
  • Looking for experienced pre and post natal personal training?
  • Preparing for a big upcoming event, like a wedding or big birthday?
  • Wanting more than just a personal trainer?

Welcome to Body Clarity Personal Training MeLBOURNE 

Using a 360-degree approach, Body Clarity caters to all fitness levels by utilising functional movement patterns and interval training. Looking at the whole picture, your trainer, Kirsty who holds a Certificate III & IV in Fitness will assess your goals, connect with you on an emotional level, take an in-depth look at your nutrition, and discuss your lifestyle and work environment to ensure that nothing inhibits your journey to positively dramatic results. Kirsty will continue to evaluate your progress to make sure you’re staying on track and if any adjustments to your plan are necessary.

Support doesn’t stop at the end of your 45 minute long personal training sessions; Kirsty is on hand via phone or email to advise whenever you feel you need that extra bit of help or motivation.

Kirsty has a high level of knowledge, experience and passion for health, nutrition, wellness and fitness. She has a proven track record of success in catering to the needs of clients with busy lives and demanding schedules. As your fitness trainer, Kirsty is highly skilled at motivational techniques to help you get the most out of your time with her.

Training Techniques

Not one of Kirsty’s results driven training sessions are alike. Using are range different techniques, equipment and training methods, sessions are completely tailored to each individual.

What else you can expect for a personal training session?

  • Boxing, Kettlebells, Free Weights, Cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, Toning and Conditioning, Strength and Endurance and lots of fun!

Personal Training Costs

Initial Consultation

This in-depth initial consultation is where Kirsty will get to know you and your past fitness routines or activities, your goals will be established, along with time frames and key milestones. After a thorough initial consultation a personalised program will be written for you as well as a take home program to complete in-between sessions. Kirsty will also take a look at your overall nutrition and provide you with general advice and guidance.

1 hour $80

One on One Personal Training Sessions

45 minutes $60

Personal Training & Health Coaching Packages

Body Clarity’s Personal Training and Health Coaching Package provided by Certified Health Coach, Kirsty McLean, is perfect for those who are finding it really difficult to shed the weight and who require in-depth nutritional support, attention and guidance.

In your one hour dedicated health coaching sessions Kirsty will, help you identify the underlying causes of your weight issues, as well as the areas of your nutrition that can be improved. Kirsty will tailor nutritional strategies so you can achieve your goals and guide you towards making choices that will benefit your health and happiness.

  • Kirsty will help you to identify the underlying causes of your weight issues, as well as the areas of your nutrition that can be improved.
  • Based on your background and goals, Kirsty will tailor nutritional plans, weekly diet/meal plans and recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare, that are personalised to you.
  • Kirsty will teach you helpful food preparation strategies and strategies to maintain optimal health whilst juggling, kids, spouse/partner, study, exercise, household, life etc.
  • For those who are not confident or who would like further guidance on how to prepare tasty, clean, simple and notorious meals, Kirsty’s cooking lessons (as part of the package) will turn everybody into a clean cooking Masterchef.
  • You have Kirsty’s dedication to help you achieve you goals and Kirsty is on hand to answer any questions and for added support via mobile or email between sessions.

Personal Training & Health Coaching Packages

  • 1 personal training session a week and 1 health coaching session a week.


  • 2 personal training sessions a week and 1 health coaching session a week


Packages can be tailored to your needs and requirements.

PersonalTraining Locations

Personal Training Locations include; Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy at Edinburgh Gardens and South Yarra at Como Park and The Tan. Kirsty is happy to come to a location close to you for personal training sessions or at your home. Please call Kirsty on 0477 035 113 or email for more information on locations.


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