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Practicing Pilates will make you healthier and happier, at and away from your desk.

Why do Pilates?

Pilates is perfect for those who are stuck to a desk all day! As it is a low-risk activity, it is suitable for a wide range of employees, all ages and fitness levels.

It improves physical strength, flexibility, posture while raising your overall awareness of your body and how it works.

Rather than prompting the body to bulk up, Pilates exercises are specially aimed at creating long, lean muscles. Pilates boosts balance and strengthens key muscle groups within the body.

It is a great way of promoting recovery from an injury, or to compliment sports training, encouraging better posture for those that sit at a desk all day all the while developing functional fitness for your daily life.

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How do Team Members Benefit From Happy Pilates?

  • Have a awesome workout with your peers
  • Interact and have fun
  • Shake off any tension and stress
  • Take some time out from your day
  • Make time for your health and wellbeing
  • Go back to work invigorated and energized
  • Anyone can do it! Beneficial for all ages, times of lives and fitness levels

How do Employers Benefit From Happy Pilates?

  • Create a healthy and positive internal culture
  • Provide a better working environment
  • Motivate your employees to stay fit and healthy
  • Improve mental health and attitude
  • Better focus and longer concentration
  • Encourage joy, imagination, and happiness
  • Encourage an interactive and positive environment
  • Reduce the risk of back issues from the work station environment


Dynamic Mat Pilates Signature Class

Our Dynamic Mat Pilates Signature Class incorporates a series of exercises designed to engage and strengthen your core and lower back muscles, improving posture and encouraging your body to work in the correct alignment.

This class also includes a mobility and stretching segment working on elongating the spine and improving posture, encouraging you to hold your core in the correct way.

This class is designed to introduce you to the correct breathing, alignment and technique of Pilates whilst giving you a great low impact workout.

Duration: 45 minutes
Fitness Levels: All

Cardio Pilates

This is for those who want a bit more bounce! We combine our Dynamic Mat Pilates Signature Class with a combination of continuous low impact cardio, interspersed with high energy intervals to lift your heart rate, boost your metabolism and shed fat.

This class is taken to an upbeat soundtracks, leaving you feeling up-lifted and helping you to forget the stress of work!

Duration: 45 minutes
Fitness Levels: All

Calm Pilates

Beat things like stress, tight muscles, fatigue, insomnia, anxiousness and tension with our Calm Pilates Class. Combining our Dynamic Mat Pilates Signature Class linked to conscious breathing, Calm Pilates is slower in pace and softer in energy levels. Focusing on breath and mind body connection, this class will allow you to tune into your body’s needs, clear out of all the busy, stressful things at work, while resulting in a toned, flexible, lean body and a calm, level stress-free demeanor.

Our Starter Corporate Packages

Minimum 4 x week commitment one class per week

  • $150 – One 50 minute class a week for 15 people with one trainer
  • $300 – One 50 minute class a week for 30 people with two trainers

Minimum 4 x week commitment two classes per week

  • $300 – Two 50 minute classes a week for 15 people with one trainer
  • $600 – Two 50 minute classes a week for 30 people with two trainers

We have class availability before work, during lunch times and after work.

Custom Design Your Happy Pilates at Work Program:

We also offer the following services that we can custom designed into your package;

These include;

  • Group Training – boxing, bootcamps, circuits and strengthening classes
  • Health & Wellness Coaching Workshops
  • One on One Pilates and Personal Training

What You Need

  • Space to hold the class indoors or outdoors

Meet Your Happy Pilates Coaches

Kirsty and Whitney met during their Pilates Training. Both have worked in the corporate world and both understand first-hand the pressures that come along with it. They know that despite the best efforts, it is hard to find time for exercise outside of increasingly demanding office hours.

They have experienced the same stresses, deskbound hours, deadlines, workload management, job satisfaction issues and internal and external pressures.

Since finding that their Pilates and Personal Training clients all shared similar concerns they decided to create Happy Pilates at Work – a fitness system specifically designed to give people happiness through Pilates at work.

With extensive experience in training women and men of all ages, and seeing incredible results in the process in body and mind connection, Kirsty and Whitney are determined to help even more people in the workplace with their dynamic, fun, and rewarding Pilates driven program.

Kirsty’s Qualifications
Certificate III & IV of Fitness
Pilates KX Teacher Training
Accredited Health Coach

Whitney’s Qualifications
Certificate III & IV of Fitness
Certificate IV in Pilates
Pilates KX Teacher Training

For more information or to contact us:
 Kirsty: 0477035 113 Whitney: 0409 930 836


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